Uniserv Director's Message

Greetings CEA Members,

Alicia Smith
UniServ Director - CEA

It is my pleasure to be your UniServ Director. In this capacity I am your main conduit to association services.  I work closely with members, school administrators, and my colleagues to facilitate the agenda of the local association. My activities include:
·    Providing members the information and support needed when they are on the front lines.
·    Ensuring that members’ rights are always protected, especially during times of duress such as disciplinary actions.
·    Understanding the contractual obligations of all parties involved.
·    Bringing my experience and the resources of the VEA to assist members in analyzing and responding to situations that may arise at schools and worksites recognizing that solutions are not always simple  nor are there always easy answers.
·    Being a constant presence and a member advocate with the superintendent and his administrative team as well as and with state and local elected officials as they make decisions that affect your life.
·    Visiting your schools and worksites to assist in strengthening the association.

I am part of a great team that is poised and ready to assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours in Support of Public Education,

Alicia E. Smith